The rusting underground


I have always been amazed by decay in all sorts of things, especially in things that we use in our daily basis; the metro has become a big part of our routine for a while now. I knew that for my school project at some point I wanted to look into railroads and train stations, so why not start in NYC? 


People all over the world has familiarized with the Big apple’s subway from movies to books and even from WOM. It’s crowded, busy,  and dirty but it also holds a lot of history, in my opinion what people can’t easily see is what should be most taken care of. I tried to look into the details of its decaying and the people in it since after all that’s what makes it what it is now.




One thought on “The rusting underground

  1. The idea of decadence in our everyday life is real. I have never thought about it, but know that you mentioned it my perspective changed.


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