Manchester City

For a foreign person, when someone mentions that city, the first thing that comes to mind is football and indeed this city does run on this sport but it also has its quirky things that should also be appreciated.

What a better way to capture memories than with photos, most of the times when we go to a new city, people only take pictures of the tourist attractions and even though this post its quite like that, I still managed to found some pretty good research for my deterioration project!

During the research process of my project I’ve realised, that I’m somehow fascinated with structures and trains, so that’s why I HAD to take some pictures of it. Sometimes people complain about deterioration, but what we don’t notice is that this characterises  everything, making stand out its history and ageing.

When I look into old buildings, so many questions cross my mind. From the fonts of the name of a pub to the colour of the building itself. Churches are also a big source of history and usually catholic cathedrals are very old but beautiful.

We all have got to eat, we had a little lunchtime in this nice court close to everything, the place was called Vapiano. Good food and environment with a little twist in how you get your food. I’m not telling you, that way you’ll go or at least research.

By the end of the day, you haven’t been in Manchester if you don’t visit The National Football Museum, not at all at stage of deterioration but nowadays its difficult to find old decaying things when everything aims to be minimalistic and modern. And in these English cities you can find both since this country loves its history, as any country would.

Let’s appreciate everything from rusty and old to modern and chic.



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