Sunny London

As it is unusual to get sun here I took a day to explore the West side of the city. Notting Hill is famous for its colourful victorian houses and its huge Portobello Market.

While I was walking down this street I couldn’t stop thinking how weird it must be for the owners of the houses to have people taking pictures of your home and having a multitud of people walking on your neighbourhood. But its London so everything is possible and acceptable.

Welcome to Portobello Market, where you can find anything, from clothing to groceries. This market has everything you wish to find in London and most importantly is cheap, if you are looking for souvenirs or just a good place to eat, this is your place. If you’re the type of person who likes to eat sitting in a nice restaurant this is also you place. I told you it got everything.

I was impressed with how big this market was but I was so happy to find this food bar with exquisite food from all over the world, which came with something extra but certainly needed, music!

As any other food market in London it was difficult to find a place to actually sit and relax but you just have to be patient, the food makes up for it.

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