Something Unique that Cannot be Replaced

Decaying is a big part of the blog, which is why I wanted to interview someone who’s interest in art was not that generic. I ask my friend who studies Fine Art a couple of questions.


1. What’s the first that you notice when you go somewhere new?
I observe all the little details such as, I notice the people in the area, the language used, what everyone is doing or the direction they are heading to, body language, etc.

2. Do you consider yourself as someone who loves exploring decaying environments?
Yes I do, I enjoy the fact that it is different from anywhere else and it is unique and cannot be replicated.

3. Why do you think no one appreciates the little details in decay?
Decay tends to rot or decompose, which can either visually look unappealing or crumble into a pile of something which is not that interesting.

4. Do you think that you can find beauty in meaningless things?
Yes, as it turns into aesthetics or can inspire a thought process for something greater.

5. Do you ever get inspired by random things as rubbish or random places? What was it?
I get inspired by the littlest things around me, whether that be the colour of a railing or the arrangements of thread in a shop.

I know that asking someone who studies art is kind of tricky since we are used to seeing every little detail in our surroundings. But what I’ve learned since I started studying art is that we should take a second look at everything, everywhere we go. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own mind that we forget the little things which are what make what we see special.

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