Movie Review – Cropsey


This documentary movie starts off with the believe of an urban legend which takes place in an abandoned mental institution called, Willowbrook State School. Which was one of the biggest and most famous institutions in the world, it is also known for a TV special that covered how patients were horribly treated. But then the movie goes on to relate how a man, Andre Rand kidnapped little kids.

The movie centres in the conviction of the kidnapper who used to work at the mental institution, and who then after it was taken down lived there in the sub tunnels. Rand was officially convicted for the murdered of a girl with down syndrome. It is to believe that the offender only took kids with special needs. Willowbrook, was one of the most interesting places over all in the whole movie, since it was an abandoned and creepy location. I mean the movie was scary but thats what it intends the audience to feel.

Sometimes is hard to see beauty in such places, but some other times its just there to admire and see its history. Deterioration is something difficult to replicate as it is unique in its own way.

Take a look at the trailer:

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