Book Review: Beauty in Decay RomanyWG



Beauty in Decay is a photography book, that explores as the title says the beauty in meaningless things, as abandoned places. The photographer goes through numerous locations with interesting stories behind their old structures and different forms of decay.

This in other way a reflection of my blog and what I try to explore deterioration and details in it, but finding this kind of places is quite difficult. Its nice to find a book that delves into urban decay, is something thats getting lost as time goes by and its good to be reminded that beauty is everywhere, even more in unexpected places that we wouldn’t imagine.

The actual book has a great finish with glossy paper and beautiful architectural locations as, abandoned mansions, ghostly’s chateux and many more. As a book it does have lots of writing but more pictures since at the end is still a photography book.

Over all its a great book to see and admire the beauty in unpredictable places.


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